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  • ©2020 Cardea Associates, Inc.
  • ©2020 Cardea Associates, Inc.
Cardea Associates is a cornerstone of the community that supports heart health for young athletes.

Cardea Associates, the developer of CardeaScreen, is committed to being a resource for heart health. The company is helping to build an extensive database of ECGs and linked demographic information to support and foster research in this critical under-served medical area.

In addition, Cardea Associates helps support the following organizations that promote heart health for young athletes.


Cypress ECG Project

The Cypress ECG Project  uses CardeaScreen in their youth screening program.

Nick of Time Foundation

Cardea Associates provides CardeaScreen systems to the Nick of Time Foundation to use during heart screenings for adolescents and young adults.

Parent Heart Watch

Cardea Associates supports Parent Heart Watch, an organization dedicated to reducing the often disastrous effects of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in youth.