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CardeaScreen helps identify young athletes who are at risk of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

CardeaScreen helps physicians who are conducting Pre-Participation Exams (PPE) to identify athletes with abnormal heart conditions who may be at risk for SCA. Attuned for the athletic heart, it assists the physician in determining when further evaluation is recommended before the athlete participates in competitive sports. In addition, CardeaScreen allows physicians to input responses to specific PPE questions developed by the American Heart Association, as well as enter patient demographic information and previous symptoms of cardiac disease. CardeaScreen can also play an important role in health management by identifying individuals with conditions that may degrade quality of life in later years.

CardeaScreen makes heart screening more affordable.


The high cost of false positive ECG tests, and the associated costs of unnecessary follow-on diagnostic testing, has historically limited ECG screening to very select populations of high-profile athletes. The CardeaScreen algorithms have substantially lowered the false-positive rate, bringing the fully-burdened cost of testing down to a point where ECG screening in high schools and colleges is becoming recognized as a best practice. Furthermore, the CardeaScreen system is priced at a very attractive point, well below most quality systems on the market. It wirelessly connects via Bluetooth with analysis software that runs on a standard Windows-based PC, so over-reading and collaboration with other medical professionals is easily accomplished.


CardeaScreen provides very high quality ECGs.

The CardeaScreen high bandwidth transmitter (0.05 – 150 Hz) digitizes at 1000 Hz and a resolution of less than 1 μVolt, compared to common industry standards of 500 Hz and 2.5-5 μVolt. The real-time recording screen continuously displays all of the ECG trace data, helping the clinician correct patient motion and other noise artifacts which commonly degrade ECG quality. Adaptive AC line filters remove pure line noise (e.g.: 60 Hz) without introducing the common “ringing” artifact associated with high-amplitude and narrow R waves. And the baseline wander filter effectively removes respiration artifacts without distortion of ST segments.  The 16 second recording duration supports high-quality computation of median beats, particularly important for athletes with very low resting heart rates.

See CardeaScreen Operator’s Manual for further information on the Indications for Use, Clinician’s Responsibility, Contraindications and Cautions and Warnings.


Caution:  Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.



Primary Users

- Sports physicians for athletic organizations, such as:

  • High school teams
  • College and university teams
  • Sports associations

- Primary care physicians

- Cardiologists